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MASSAGE THERAPY VIDEO LIBRARY (Complete Collection - Volumes 1-12) -- [SAVE $80]

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MSRP: $399.40
Price: $199.98
You Save: $199.42 (50 %)
Item Number: 2913
Artist: Massage Therapy
Save $80.00 when you order the complete 12-volume set.

This deluxe DVD box set of the complete, 12-Volume Massage Therapy Video Library Series is the definitive Massage Therapy instructional series and was designed for Professional Massage Therapists. Save almost 20% when ordering the Complete Set, or purchase each volume individually.


The first truly professionally produced programs for the massage industry, these multi-camera productions are enhanced with slow-motion, freeze-frame, close-ups, original music, educational graphics, and angled views of the hands-on demonstrations. Filmed at the International Sports Massage Conference, these programs are hosted by a virtual Who’s Who of professionals on the leading edge of Sports Massage and have introductions and testimonials from Jackie-Joyner Kersee & Bill Rodgers. In addition to learning new techniques and keeping up to date with the industry, these programs cover important marketing tips that will help you market and promote these newly acquired skills and expand your business.


Volumes in the informative, educational, and interactive Massage Therapy Video Library include:


Volume 1: Fascia & Myo-Fascial Techniques

Hosted by Richard M. Royster, this volume is an overview of Cranio Sacral and Myo-Fascial techniques and concepts that enhance athletic performance


Volume 2: Physio-Sphere Therapy

Volume 2 covers Physio-Sphere Therapy, which was developed by Richard M. Royster. This program teaches an innovative hands-on approach that enables Massage Therapists to deal more effectively with problem areas.


Volume 3: Athletic Massage: A Sidelying Approach

Hosted by Linda Jaros (Director of Myo Tech), this in-depth video workshop demonstrates various massage techniques, focusing on accessing the upper body using Sidelying variations. It also includes tips for interfacing with the athletes.


Volume 4: A Cyclist’s Sports Massage

Marc Delaruelle, Head Soigneur of the Belgian National Cycling Team, demonstrates his pre and post event massage techniques, as well as giving us an inside look at the role of “Soigneur” on a cycling team.


Volume 5: Athletic Massage: An Overview

Rich Phaigh, author of “Athletic Massage” and former Massage Therapist for the Nike athletic team describes his personal approach while presenting a workshop on fascia release to facilitate muscle lengthening.


Volume 6: An Intro To SOMA Bodywork

George Kousaleos hosts this discussion of how SOMA Neuromuscular Integration structurally realigns the entire body and reconditions the nervous system. This DVD focuses on the basics of SOMA, its benefits and its relation to athletics.


Volume 7: Establishing Sports Massage in the College Environment

Benny Vaughn, a recognized pioneer and innovator in Sports Massage, reviews the state of techniques on the collegiate level, including the development of specific Sports Massage Departments.


Volume 8: An Intro to Acupressure and Sports Massage

This volume is a dynamic presentation that reviews basic Acupressure and how it relates to the athlete and Sports Massage. Carol Kresge also gives valuable tips on developing your practice.


Volume 9: Sports Marketing: A Team Concept,

Dr. Louis Leonardi and Dr. Sandra Boon conduct a role-playing session that includes a Doctor, a Physical Therapist, a coach, an athlete, a NOC official, and a Massage Therapist, highlighting each member’s position and how they interface with each other on an athletic team.


Volume 10: Sports Chiropractic

Dr. Louis Leonardi and Dr. Sandra Boon discuss the Chiropractic approach to soft tissue manipulations and also review Biomechanics, Injury Assessment and indicators of over-training.


Volume 11: Women in Sports – Issues We Face

In this installment, three successful female Sports Massage Therapists (Carol Kresge, Linda Jaros, & Patrice Morency) discuss controversial issues they have encountered in the industry, both in relation to clients and to their male counterparts.


Volume 12: Basic PNF (Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation)

Patrice Morency presents an introductory workshop on PNF (Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation) Stretching and its relation to athletics and Sports Massage.


This DVD series is perfect for all Bodywork professionals including Athletic Trainers, Physical Therapists, Massage Therapists, and Chiropractors.


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