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Sergei Prokofiev Biography

Born in the Soviet Union (what is now Ukraine), , where he learned to compose and conduct as well as furthering his ability as a pianist.

With his homeland in turmoil, Prokofiev headed to the USA, where he failed to secure a loyal audience, before finding success in Paris. After years in Europe, Prokofiev began to miss his homeland, however, the lack of artistic freedom kept him away except for occasional premiers.

In 1934, he was able to relocate back to his homeland as he began to write pieces, such as Peter and the Wolf, primarily for children, where the subject matter was less provocative. However, Soviet censors would again bother Prokofiev as World War II came to an end, calling him a formalist dangerous for the Soviet people.

Although he was able to stay in his native country, Prokofiev retreated from the intensive output of work that he had demonstrated earlier, before suffering from a fatal cerebral hemorrhage that ending his life in 1953. A monumental composer, Prokofiev left behind seven symphonies, numerous ballets and operas, and a remarkable legacy that still looms large over the world of music.