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Russian Ballet Performances on DVD

There's no equal to the excellence in classical dancing from the ballet companies originating from Russia. Russian ballet was born in St. Petersburg with the Imperial School of Ballet opening in the middle 1700's. Russian ballet emerged as entertainment for royalty prior to the 19th Century. In the early 1800s, theatres in Moscow and across the nation opened with ballet performances to a general audience, with priority seating for the affluent and a gallery section for the public.

Russian ballet came to the United States in 1948, when the New York City Ballet was founded by George Balanchine, a protégé of iconic Russian dancers. The two most renowned ballet companies from Russia are the Kirov Ballet Company and the Bolshoi Ballet Company, still inspiring audiences world wide.

The selection of Russian Ballet DVDs available at offer timeless performances by these legendary dancers. The Soviet ballet tradition spans centuries and remains a force in the wider world of performing arts. From the famed Bolshoi Ballet Company and the Kirov Ballet Company, you'll find several quality selections.

Some of the world class Russian ballet dancers featured in the films offered through include:

  • Nina Timofeyeva
  • Mikhail Lavrosky
  • Natalia Bessmertnova
  • Alexandre Beogatyriov
  • Galina Kozlova
  • Irina Kholina

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DVD Offerings from the Bolshoi Ballet Company

One selection from the famed Bolshoi Ballet Company is "Bolshoi Ballet: Les Sylphides." With music from Chopin, this performance featuring classical Russian ballet choreography is lyrical and romantic, reminiscent of the dramatic dancing for which the Bolshoi Company is known.

Another fine selection is "Bolshoi Soloists Classique," which is a more diverse production featuring music from several composers, including Gershwin. Again, this selection is true to the caliber and qualities inherent in Russian Ballet.

Learn more about each of these spectacular Russian ballet performances by the Bolshoi Company and also consider our selections from the Kirov. You can find out more about each DVD by viewing the product descriptions on, offering insight into the performances, details about the bonus features included, and information about the dancers. prides itself on offering premium selections in Russian ballet performances.