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The Most Comprehensive Pregnancy DVD Series, "Childbirth: From Inside Out"

Pregnancy DVD

Upon seeing two pink lines or a plus sign on a home pregnancy test, a new mom-to-be will likely begin to get very excited and very concerned all at the same time. Pregnancy is a miraculous experience, but it can also be quite stressful. One of the first things many new mothers do is begin seeking out information-online, in books, on a childbirth video, and from trusted friends. In today's world of information, with so much to think about concerning your unborn infant, it is completely natural that new moms often become overwhelmed.

If you are expecting a baby , know someone who is, or work with pregnant women as a doctor, nurse, instructor, educator, or other capacity, you will want to get your hands on a selection of books for new mothers, pregnancy DVD choices, and other resources to help navigate the way through this wonderful time.

A premium offering from is the 2-part Award Winning pregnancy DVD Series , "Childbirth: From the Inside Out - Part 1 (Pregnancy and the Pre-Natal Period)"
and "Childbirth: From Inside Out - Part 2 (Delivery and the Post-Natal Period)" These childbirth videos encapsulate the period from finding out that you're expecting through getting the bundle of joy home and comfortable in her new surroundings. This collection provides a comprehensive, medically sound picture of what occurs during pregnancy and delivery, what risks are associated, how to best take care of the pregnant body, getting through delivery and issues that will arise in the first few weeks at home. This two part childbirth video series is a must see for all moms-to-be.

Whether you're interested in showing a pregnancy dvd to your class as part of the hospital childbirth classes or if you are pregnant and simply interested in soaking up all the quality information you can before the big day arrives, you will definitely want to read more about this Award Winning pregnancy dvd series and place your order at

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The Right Childbirth Video

We've all seen scenes of childbirth depicted in the movies, but most moms will tell you that reality is often quite different. Also, once you're pregnant, you'll likely hear dozens and dozens of birthing experiences from other seasoned veterans-and none of them will be the same. How do you separate the fact from the fable and set realistic expectations for yourself when that magic moment arrives? Working with your medical practitioner and educating yourself with books and a pregnancy dvd from trusted sources will help you attain a more satisfying and successful childbirth experience.

A major component of the second DVD is the experience of the hospital stay and delivering the baby as well as post partum information. This childbirth video, "Childbirth: From Inside Out - Part 2 (Delivery and the Post-natal Period), available at, offers an inside look at all aspects of the delivery experience and includes segments from a number of actual births. . The information on this pregnancy dvd is not only medically factual, but it is also comprehensive and helps you formulate a list important individual questions for your medical practitioner and deal with nearly all of the unexpected events that may come your way.