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Award-Winning Picasso Video Series

Picasso Video

At, we are proud to offer a two-part DVD series on the world renowned artist, Pablo Picasso, "Picasso: The Man and His Work (Part 1 (1881-1937) and Part 2 (1938-1973)." Not only is Picasso considered one of the greatest painters and sculptors of the 20th Century, he is also credited with founding what we consider Modern Art, as shown in detail in this Picasso biography on DVD.

This Pablo Picasso video is both a Picasso biography and an Art History documentary that traces in parallel the events of his life and the artistic work of the great artist. A Cannes Film Feltival Selection, the film was directed by Edward Quinn and is quite unique in that Picasso allowed him unrestricted access to his life surroundings and work space. This was an unprecedented move by an otherwise private artist. Quinn was then able to produce this two-part Picasso video series chronicling Picasso's life and offering an inside look at the artist and his works, including many that had not been previously unveiled to the public.

On each Picasso video in this Award Winning 2-volume DVD collection, you will find the following among the Bonus Features:

  • An art gallery with more than 100 images
  • A complete Picasso biography
  • A Director's biography and production notes
  • Instant access to all chapters on the DVD and scene selections
  • Director's memoirs on Picasso
  • English narration

Read on for an overview of each DVD and check out the details for each DVD in the product descriptions at If you are a fan of modern art, an Art History student or instructor, or simply interested in independent education, this Picasso video series certainly has a distinct place in your collection.

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Picasso Biography in Two Parts

The first DVD in this Picasso biography series, "Picasso: The Man and His Work - Part 1 (1881-1937)" covers his life and work from his birth in 1881 to 1937 at the start of World War II. Highlights include his artistic beginnings at the tender age of 15 to the work produced during his initial Pink Period and Blue Period, his evolution into Cubism, to the painting of "Guernica," considered one of his masterpieces. This Picasso video covers the progression of his work in these early years as well as offering insight into his
personal life.

The second DVD, "Picasso: The Man and His Work: Part 2 (1938-1973)" covers his life and work from 1938 to the end of Picasso's life in 1973 at the age of 92. This era include an inside look into a wartime artist and Picasso's shift into other art forms, such as Ceramics and Sculpture. Into his 90's, Picasso was still working with a variety of art forms, including copper plate engravings. We get a unique look at Picasso's creative process as we witness the evolution of a series of his engravings through a series of stages.

Add this Picasso video series to your collection today; order from