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Find an Opera DVD is the right place to purchase an opera DVD, whether you maintain an active interest in the opera and have formed definitive tastes for those you like, or if you are new to this captivating form of entertainment and simply want to explore what is available for home entertainment.. We have a diverse selection of opera DVDs and you can trust that the opera DVD you select will be of the highest quality available.

Some of the opera DVD selections we offer include:

Browse our site at and read more about our selections to help you choose an opera dvd from one of our fine opera selections.

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Tango DVD

Tango DVD

At, we have videos that span a number of different dance styles, from classical ballet to character dance born all around the world. One dance genre that has always captivated audiences is the Argentine Tango. Now you can choose a Tango DVD for your collection from one of the videos with performances of this rhythmic and cultural South American dance.

One tango DVD, "Tango" performed by the acclaimed Geneva Grand Theatre Ballet, for example, features 12 vignettes that are choreographed by Oscar Araiz and performed by some of the finest dancers across Europe.

Our other tango DVD "Tango Fatal" is a sizzling feature film which expresses the emotions and passion of its dramatic story through dance. With a Grammy Award winning soundtrack by Carlos Franzetti and inventive direction from Maximiliano Gomez and choreographer Carlos Capello, Tango Fatal is a visual feast, a tango dvd
only available on

As you will see as you learn more about the tango, it is not simply a dance genre-it has become a cultural statement, announcing the pride of Argentina and making bold statements about the tumultuous history of the region. Experience the thrill of this fascinating dance movement by purchasing a tango DVD from