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About the Moiseyev Dance Company

Consistently hailed as one of the world’s greatest dance Companies, the Moiseyev Dance Company was founded in 1937, one year after it’s creator and namesake, Bolshoi Ballet principal dancer and choreographer Igor Alexandrovich Moiseyev, was asked by the Soviet government to organize a Festival of National Dance.
As a young man, Moiseyev spent much of his time walking and horseback riding through the Soviet countryside, absorbing the diverse array of culture, dance and folklore that came to epitomize his choreographic style in the years to follow.

The popularity of the annual Festival convinced Moiseyev that a permanent Company must be formed in order to capitalize on the continuing success of the event and spread Russia’s multitude of native dances to the people living throughout the vast region. The dream became a reality when Moiseyev gathered 40 dancers in Moscow. Although the troupe consisted mostly of amateurs he’d recruited while traveling throughout the Soviet Union, it also incorporated classically trained dancers from the famed Bolshoi Ballet.

Although Moiseyev loved the variety and uniqueness of the cultural dances that inspired him, he was more interested in combining or recreating them in order to raise the skill of performance to the highest artistic plateau and create new choreography that would unite and sustain a sense of pride throughout the region.
The Company was an immediate success and within its first few years alone, Moiseyev was able to double the number of dancers he employed and include dance styles from increasingly remote parts of the country including Uzbekistan, Siberia, Mongolia and the Gobi desert.

Today the Company tours worldwide to ongoing critical acclaim and packed audiences. Employing over 200 dancers and an orchestra, the Company has become such a success that even critics of Moiseyev’s departure from traditional ballet have hailed his inventiveness and distinct theatrical imagination.

Through rigorous training, not only in dance, but in classical ballet, acrobatics, theater and musical instruments, the Company has become one of the planet’s truly unique dance ensembles. Still going strong at 99 years-old, Igor Moiseyev’s individual style and continuing artistic effort have earned him UNESCO’s “Mozart Award,” the Government of Moscow’s “Legend of the Century” and prompted the New York Times to call him “one of the greatest choreographers in 20th-century dance.”