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Champion Acrobats of China: Flying Lotus

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MSRP: $14.98
Price: $12.98
You Save: $2.00 (13 %)
Item Number: 2712
Artist: Chinese Acrobats

This riveting DVD, Champion Acrobats of China: Flying Lotus, will delight fans of the circus, acrobatics, and sports alike with some of the world’s most impressive acrobats performing the amazing routines that they have been perfecting for centuries. The Troupe dedicates years, training from childhood, to perfect their skills and develop new, even more daring feats - all displaying uninhibited grace and dazzling artistry. The very ease of their seemingly effortless performances is proof of their years of dedication and perseverance. Not only is this DVD perfect for both adults and children, but it also preserves the art of Acrobatics as one of China’s living treasure.


It is down-right astonishing…it’s practically stupefying…”

                                                                                    -The Minnesota Parent


Captivating entertainment for circus, acrobatics and sports fans alike, this all-woman troupe won the Monaco Festival of Acrobats, The Chinese National Championship and The International Acrobatics of Tomorrow.   Today the fluid, picturesque acrobatics performed by these young women are still completely unique and breathtaking. Watch as their intricate routines unfold into complex, undulating pictures of beauty and a marvel of mechanics.


“…reminiscent of the acts on The Ed Sullivan Show… these

acrobats perform to entertain… Their exhibition of astonishing

balance and flexibility skills make for entertaining fare…”                                                                                                          -Laurie Tynan, Library Journal



Dove Foundation Family Approved Seal

International Film & Video Award of NY

New York Festivals Finalist Award



The history of Chinese Acrobats dates back 2,500 years. A tradition of innovation has evolved from the time of the earliest dynasties, with new and ever more daring acts constantly being developed. But certain things remain unchanged from those early days… the affected style of performing, the pure skill of the artists, and the joy the acrobats bring to their performances.



The thrill of watching from the front row has been captured…

performing fascinating routines… an entertaining way to

 introduce kids to the Chinese culture. Exquisite artistry and

beauty is the hallmark of these award-winning athletes.”

-All About Kids


Performances include:

Plate Spinning

Pyramid of Benches “Ten Levels to the Heavens”

Kicking Bowls “Big Ball, High Cycle”

Bicycle Balancing “High Above…The Flower Opens”

Flying Eggs and Plates

Pagoda of Bowls

Stunt Cycling “The Peacock Spreads Its Tail”


  • Bonus Video: From the DVD "Champion Acrobats of China: Steel Silk"
  • Bonus Video: From the DVD "Moscow Circus: Dancing Bears & More"
  • Dolby Stereo Audio
  • Digitally Re-Mastered Audio & Video
  •  Instant Access to the Dances DVD Recommendations
    (One Hour including Bonus Features)

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MSRP: $14.98
Price: $12.98
You Save: $2.00 (13 %)
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These are the hallmarks of their craft. The very ease of their seemingly effortless performances is proof of the years of dedication and perseverance that goes into their training, resulting in a flowing picture a marvel of mechanics

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