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Kirov Ballet DVD & Other Ballet Videos

Ballet DVD

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Find a number of unique ballet DVD selections at Whether you have been a ballet aficionado for years and simply wish to add a high quality ballet video to your library, or if you are new to this beautiful performing art and want to begin expanding your knowledge base about the different styles and artists, has something for you. We offer the works of Kirov and Bolshoi Ballet Companies, Paris Opera Ballet, Moiseyev Dance Company, and we have several exclusive selections of ballet video performances from the Kirov Ballet Company, the premier dance theatre group from Russia.

If you are familiar with this art form, you'll likely know exactly which ballet DVD to select. If you are new and just want to experience more, read our detailed product descriptions for each ballet video we offer . You can read more about the featured dance company, about the ballet or ballets they are performing and what bonus features are included in the ballet DVD program. Some DVDs have interviews with the dancers; others have biographies on the composers and much more.

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Selections from the Kirov Ballet Company

We offer two distinctive DVDs featuring Russia's premier dance Company:

With "Kirov Ballet: Classic Ballet Night" the DVD offers a number of live performances by world renowned Russian prima ballerinas such as Irina Kolpakova, Gabriela Komleva, Alla Sizova, Galina Mezentseva, and dancer Sergei Berezhnoi, among others. It is hailed as "a breathtaking and spectacular performance."

The ballet DVD "Kirov Stars: Shakespeare Dance Trilogy" features dance interpretations of the Shakespeare classics Romeo and Juliet, Hamlet, and Othello, with music from Tchaikovsky and Henry Purcell.

You may also enjoy selections from the Bolshoi Ballet, allowing you to expand upon the Russian dance stylings of the Kirov Ballet. See our ballet DVD offerings from this dance company as well. Find the premium ballet DVD selections you seek at I If you want to continuously add to your collection of performing arts and ballet video in particular, or are a fine arts instructor, we invite you to join our buyer's club, the VVCC (VIEW Video Collectors Club). Read more about this exclusive offer in the Special Offers Tab on the home page.

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