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Baby Massage Video & Award Winning Massage DVD Programs

For the Infant Massage: The Power of Touch DVD, click here.

For the Child Development: The First Two Years DVD, click here.

If you are pregnant or have recently given birth, you may have heard about infant massage and the health and bonding benefits that can be gained through regular massage of your infant. At, you'll find a selection of a highly acclaimed massage dvd collection relating to massage therapy and the most professional and best-selling baby massage video on the market .

Baby massage has several known positive impacts:

  • Infant massage can help with bonding during the first year
  • It has been shown to reduce fussiness and ease symptoms of colic and other gastrointestinal upsets
  • It can be a way to calm baby and prepare for nightly slumber
  • Massage offers comfort

The baby massage video entitled "Infant Massage: The Power of Touch" focuses on these benefits and teaches the proper way to administer infant massage. This Award Winning massage DVD also contains a question and answer session with a Registered Nurse and Childbirth Instructor from the Better Birth Foundation to help clarify the details pertaining to massage techniques for both full-term and premature infants. Doctors have recommended this baby massage video to their patients and it will make a great addition to your repertoire of videos, books, and other parenting resources. The Bonus Features on this DVD also include over 40 minutes of music that is conducive to use as background music for the massage session.

Another selection to complement our baby massage video is the DVD "Child Development: The First Two Years." This video touches on developmental milestones, nutrition, health and behavior concerns, and other issues that often present themselves in the first two years of life. This comprehensive guide will help you navigate your way through this period of trials and tribulations to create a nurturing environment for your baby to learn and grow.

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Massage DVD Selections offers many other massage DVD selections for both novices and professional. We offer the critically acclaimed Massage Therapy Video Library, 12 individual DVD programs, each of which focuses on a different area of this up-and-coming holistic route to overall well-being. If you are currently a massage therapist or studying to become one, you will surely want to make one massage DVD or several of these instructional programs part of your ongoing education.

For the Massage Therapy Video Library, click here.