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To purchase our Arthritis DVDs, click here.

Arthritis, which is an inflammation of one or more joints, is a debilitating illness that affects more than 50,000,000 Americans. While arthritis is typical and increases in the older generation, people of all ages can be diagnosed with one of the two types. If you or someone you love is affected by this disease, or if you are a physical therapist, fitness instructor, or other professional working with such individuals, you will want to purchase an arthritis DVD from

"Exercise Can Beat Arthritis" is a doctor-recommended DVD that details a low-impact workout designed for seniors and other arthritis sufferers. This arthritis DVD is guided by professional physiotherapist Valerie Sayce. She outlines 10 exercise routines that are simple to execute and designed to reduce pain, increase mobility and contribute to general health betterment.

Not only does this highly acclaimed arthritis DVD guide you through the exercises, all done seated in a chair, including warm-ups and cool downs, it is also loaded with Bonus Features that offer further details about arthritis and how to use exercise in conjunction with the care plans laid out by your doctor.

A follow-up to "Exercise Can Beat Arthritis" is the follow-up arthritis DVD entitled "Exercise Can Beat Arthritis: Getting Stronger." This arthritis DVD expands on the first DVD's low-impact workout routines for those afflicted with arthritis or have other conditions warranting this type of workout. This DVD allows you to work out at home or adds on ways to exercise at your local fitness facility or at the pool.

These arthritis DVDs are doctor-recommended and educator quality. They can speak to the individual who suffers from arthritis and also to educators, therapists, fitness instructors, nurses, and other skilled technicians that deal with the aging population or those with these types of illnesses. Read more in the product descriptions about each DVD and consider purchasing one or both of these low impact exercise arthritis DVDs. They can truly teach you a way to exercise and help dramatically improve the quality of life for those dealing with arthritis.

To purchase our Arthritis DVDs, click here.