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Childbirth from Inside Out: Part 2 (Delivery and The Post-Natal Period)

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MSRP: $24.98
Price: $17.98
You Save: $7.00 (28 %)
Item Number: 2522

Part 2 of the comprehensive Childbirth From the Inside Out DVD Series covers all the basic information on Delivery and Post-Natal Period


This educational DVD presents comprehensive, medically sound information that deals simply and honestly with the various aspects of Childbirth. The film promotes a healthier, safer Pregnancy by answering many of the sensitive questions of parents-to-be, and helps enable them to formulate a list of concerns to discuss with their physician.  It also takes viewers beyond the pregnancy into the early stages of parenthood. This two-part DVD series contains 2½ hours of information about Pregnancy, covering both the Pre and Post-natal periods.


Part 2 of the informative Childbirth From the Inside Out Series covers Delivery & the Post-Natal Period and includes sections on the Hospital Experience, Labor and the Delivery, and Post-Natal care. Other specific topics include Labor Room Procedures, Anesthetics, the various Stages of Labor, Examination of the Baby, and Breastfeeding. Further sections on Birth Control, Circumcision, Bathing, Diapering, and Post-Partum Depression, make this the most insightful and comprehensive DVD of its kind.


“Highly Recommended” - Video Librarian


This informative film was written and hosted by Dr. John Tyson, an internationally recognized medical scientist and clinician, who has worked for over 30 years as a broadcast communicator of medical information. Dr. Tyson’s background includes teaching, research, and a clinical practice in Obstetrics and Gynecology at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. He also brings great knowledge as an experienced physician who has been personally involved with conducting of over 3,000 pregnancies.


"**** (4 Stars) - Comprehensive and comprehensible"     

                                                            -Video Rating Guide For Libraries

Winner of Awards from:

● National Education Film & Video Festival

● American Video Conference/Billboard

● American Film & Video Festival


Also available:

Childbirth From Inside Out: Part 1: Pregnancy and the Pre-Natal Period


  • Dolby Digital Stereo Audio
  • Digitally Mastered Audio & Video
  • Multi-Directional Interactive Menus
  • Over 70 Chapter Selections
  • Instant Access to All Chapters
  • Bonus Music
  • Bonus Pregnancy Risk Test
  • Bonus Pregnancy Checklist
  • Warning Signs
    (72 minutes, plus extensive DVD bonus features)


    ATTENTION: These programs do not replace the need for individual care a pregnant woman should always seek from her physician or other health care professional.

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